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Custom Home Builder

Custom Home Builder


New Construction

No two homes are ever the same! Brent wants your home to represent your needs, to convey all conveniences, and every comfort you have in mind. In fact, he wants you to ask questions and share your ideas with him.

Historical Restoration

Want to restore your home’s historical aspects? Brent Bidwell Construction enjoys those projects that add to Marshall’s restoration reputation.

Remodeling or Repairs

Need to update your home or have repairs made? Bidwell Construction is available as your adviser or general contractor, providing you recommendations of trusted contractors and companies.

Pole Barns

Need a pole barn? Brent can build you any pole barn that will suit your needs—any size. In fact, he’s never built the same pole barn twice. Each pole barn is built to your specifications and your desired use.

Regardless if you're building new, remodeling, restoring, making repairs, or building a pole barn, Brent Bidwell Construction...

  • Provides alternatives until you find what you like in your budget, which includes complete and accurate estimates specific to each project.
  • Recycles materials removed from the building site. Materials do not end up in landfills.
  • Uses environmental friendly materials. He’s proud to be a green builder.
  • Provides unique trim work and cabinetry, which includes custom built-in cabinets.
  • Maintains up-to-date energy codes.
  • Coordinates all contracted services throughout the project to ensure quality construction, accurate performance, and timely completion.
  • Makes efficient use of all resources.
  • Provides a safe work environment for all employees, subcontractors, and homeowners.
  • Conducts a follow-up inspection upon project complete with the customer, to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Serves the Marshall area with a 40-mile radius, which includes all of Calhoun County, Battle Creek area, and Branch County.
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